Wiccan's Blessed Items

Wiccans have various tools needed in order to perform a spell or ritual. Some items are often seen around the alter as well to offer and give respect to the gods and goddesses. Each tools are not be shared, it must be used solely by the witch. Tools are magickal items and are considered sacred. It must be treated with respect and will be used only in rituals and spells. Here are a few tools used by wiccan through the years:


It is a ritual knife or a dagger not used for cutting or killing life forms. Its sole purpose is for directing energies. It is often dull and black-handled. It is used for casting ritual circles, callings, and cutting energy ties like black or negative energies.


Using a bell is considered as hearing the voice of the goddess. When you use it in a ritual means you want the attention of the Divine to look at you or what you are doing.


This is one of the most common tools in wicca. It is a symbol of the gods and goddesses, the element of fire, for purifying , and for used in spell works depending on the candle color.

  • Yellow – the color of creativity, inspiration, intellect, charm, and optimism. It represents the element of Air.
  • Orange – the color of energy and promotes joy and success. It is used for inviting fortune, prosperity, power, courage, achieving goals, and enthusiasm.
  • Pink – this color represents all variations of love—be it for self, friends, romance, spirits, and the universe. It promotes the opening of the heart.
  • Red – the color of fire and representing deep passion. It is used in activities representing blood, love, sex, fertility, power and strength. It also symbolizes fire and the great Mother, the Triple Goddess.
  • Purple – this color is associated to psychic abilities, spiritual awakenings like the third eye, and having to acquire the ancient wisdom.
  • Blue – this color soothes anyone who uses it. It represents spirituality, inner peace, and harmony. It is use to invoke the water element.
  • Green – green color itself is associated to nature, growth and fertility which is also represents the Mother Earth. Using this may improve financial success, luck and prosperity, rejuvenation, healing and having good harvest. It is related to the earth Element.
  • Black – This color absorbs all the other color and is usually used to banish the negative energies surrounding a person or place. I can reverse curses, and repels badluck and black magick.

This is one of the most important tools because it signifies the Mother Goddess. This is used for ceremonial drinks, offerings for the divine goddesses or a container for water spells.


We are familiar with crystals through our birthstones. In wicca, each stones have different meaning and purposes. There are over hundred of stone out there and each one will depend on the witch on what to use and on what purpose.


This five pointed star within a circle is considered as a protective talisman and is often found in the center of the altar.


Salt water is used for cleansing and is often present in protection rituals or banishing negative energies. It is a purifying agent in collaboration with the chalice.


As much as cliché as this is, this wand is a popular tools used by wiccan especially in ceremonial magicks and traditions. It’s purpose is similar to athame, to direct and channel the energy during a ritual and spells.

Fly through our blessed tools and equipment