The Book of Shadows

It is the witch’s spell book and is often hidden in the eyes of the other people. This is often made by witches to keep their notes, spells, and works intact. This contains spells, personalized notes, celebrations, and rituals that can aid you on your wiccan journey.  Every witch will need to have one sometime in the near future.

What would Wicca be without spells and rituals to aid every witches. There are countless spells in the world that wiccan uses, it varies from simple and basic to hard and complicated procedures. Some spells would require various items and tools to make them successful and complete. Simple spells are widely used as it is also recommended for beginners. When you advance further, you can create your own spells from experience and share it worldwide. To give you a few insights, here are a few spells to help you on your journey.



Goodluck Spells

  • Simple Luck Spell

Do you ever find yourself surrounded in badluck? One mishap after the other in an unlucky streak? This spell might help you overcome it.

You will need: black candle, Oil: frankincense or other herbal essence oils

Place a drop of oil on your fingertip and streak it onto the candle, slowly moving your fingertip up and down it three times. While you do this, chant the following:

“Black candle, turn my luck around

Bring prosperity and joy abound”

Then thank it, and light it. Place your hand on your heart chakra and chant the following:

“Flame and fire, candle burn

Work to make my luck return”

As you chant, visualize yourself being really fortunate and happy. Imagine everything going your way, and you always being in the flow and ready to meet new challenges. Feel the bad luck being lifted from you, and your energy body buzzing with joy and excitement at new possibilities.

Keep visualizing and chanting until you feel intuitively done. Then thank the candle and blow it out. You can keep the candle, but only use it for luck meditations or spells, since it has now become imbued with this specific energy.


Wishing Spells

  • A Simple Wishing Spell

This spell is to be made before going to bed.

You will need: - brand new candle (any color that is appropriate for your wish), pen and paper

Before starting, get clear on your wish, and write it down on the piece of paper. Put the paper underneath the candle. Now take a few minutes to meditate and clear your mind of any stray thoughts. Light your candle and concentrate on your wish. While you stare into the flame, visualize it coming true. How would you feel if the wish came true? Use all your senses to build a vivid picture of wish fulfillment.

Candle shining in the night

With your flame enchanted,

By the powers of magic might

May my wish be granted.

When the candle sheds its gleam

At the mystic hour,

Let fulfillment of my dream

Gather secret power.

Flame of magic, brightly burn,

Spirit of the fire.

Let the wheel of fortune turn,

Grant me my desire.

One, two, three – so mote it be!


Love Spells

  • Knot Love Spell

You will need: 3 cords or pieces of yarn in romantic colors

Take 3 cords or strings of different romantic colors - pink (for love), red (for passion) and white (for purity). You may choose other colors that are meaningful to you if you prefer.

Tie a knot near one end of the braid as you visualize a new love arriving in your life.

As you tie the knot, say the following prayer or another prayer or chant that is meaningful to you:

"Venus, Queen of Love, divine
Bring the love to me that's mine."

raid the three strings together as you continue to visualize the perfect romantic partner falling deeply in love with you as you fall in love with him/her. Really try to feel the emotions of the two of you being happy together, being romantic, kissing and smiling, etc.

Next tie another knot and repeat the prayer as you continue the visualization.

Do this a total of seven times (knot & prayer, braid & visualize, knot & prayer), until you have seven knots in the cord.

Keep the knotted string with you (you may wish to fashion it into a necklace or bracelet and wear it) until you find your perfect love.

After you have found love, keep the cord in a safe place. If you decide you want to end the relationship someday, you can use the cord in a ritual designed for that purpose.

Note: Don't worry if you lose the cord. Your love does not exist inside of a cord. The magic is always inside you. It's in the visualization. It's in the emotions that you felt as you braided the cord and tied the knots and said the prayer. The cord itself is merely a symbol to keep you focused on finding love.

  • Seeds of Love Spell

You may not be actually planting these seeds in the dirt, but this charm can help love to blossom. Cutesy enough for you? Well, this is a great love spell even if you don't like my plant metaphors. You'll need to get these items together:

9 sunflower seeds
9 dried beans
9 dry kernels of corn
9 grains of barley
9 dry chamomile buds
9 whole cloves
Rose oil
Glass bottle with stopper
Red ribbon

You need to choose a bottle that will hold all the seeds, but won't have too much empty space at the top either. This Wiccan love spell should be performed on the night of the new moon.

Drop each of the seeds into the bottle, one by one. Yes, it's a bit tedious but that's how it's done. As you do so, repeat the following lines:

Seeds and spices, give me power
Time to make my love life flower
As the moon grows in the sky
This charm will make my wishes fly

When the bottle is filled, add 9 drops of rose oil to the top and stopper it up. Don't shake, you need to let the oil work its way down from the top. Tie the red ribbon in a bow around the bottle and place it somewhere quiet where it won't be disturbed. By the full moon, you should see some action in the love department.


Wealth Spells

  • Simple Money Rituals

Here are some simple prosperity spells to help you gain wealth in life.

  • Herbs are very well known for the money-drawing properties. Small pots of rosemary, thyme, basil, parsley are money drawing plants that are thought to bring prosperity to your home

  • A horseshoe nailed above the inside your front door is thought to keep prosperity in and keep poverty out. The idea is that the horseshoe is like a cup that embraces your good fortune.

  • A bowl of change by the front door is thought to keep money in your pocket. Old or foreign coins are thought to bring money to the home.

  • Placing a sprig of the herb cinquefoil under your pillow is thought to improve your cash flow.

  • The saying is "A Bayberry Candle burned to the socket, brings prosperity to the home and money in the pocket." Buy a pre-scented bayberry candle or anoint a green or pink candle with bayberry oil and light it.

  • Sprinkling a little cinnamon in your wallet is thought to hasten the speedy return of any money that may leave your hands.

  • A bed of shamrocks planted at the front door is thought to increase money flow and bring good fortune.

  • Wrap a bill with a large denomination around a piece of mandrake root with an elastic band and place it in your cash register to double your sales.

  • For the necessities of life, light a red candle to the Archangel Chamuel and ask that you always have the tools of your trade, food on your table, a roof over your head and money in the bank.

  • Make lemonade out of your lemons. Juice lemons; add water and sugar to taste. Stir the lemonade in the pitcher three times in a counterclockwise circle, saying " Gone, gone ...bad luck begone." Then stir in a clockwise direction saying " Mine, mine ...all good things are mine." Drink.

  • Stick a clove of garlic with nine pins and hang it near the front door to protect you from poverty.

  • Fill a small bowl with equal parts of sugar, salt and rice. Mix thoroughly and place an open safety pin in its center. Keep the bowl out in the open to eliminate poverty.

  • Rub a green candle with a tiny bit of honey, a sprinkle of cinnamon and dab of orange juice or orange oil. Light and ask for quick cash or money in a hurry.

  • To enhance business, find three foreign coins and wrap them in a gold colored cloth. Place it in the drawer of your cash register.

  • On a new moon, make a slit in a yam and wedge a penny inside it. Put it outside for fourteen days (until the full moon) and then bury it on the Full moon.

  • Draw the Ace, Ten and Seven of diamonds from an ordinary deck of playing cards. Anoint them with a commercial prosperity oil (or cinnamon or bayberry oil) and carry the three cards in your pocket to draw prosperity to you.

  • Whenever you find a coin on the floor, step on it and say, "Money on the floor, money at the door." Then pick it up and put it in your pocket.


Protection Spells

  • Safe Travel Charms

Not only will this charm bag keep you safe when you are away from home, it will keep you from getting lost. Of course, that doesn't mean you shouldn't bring a map along with you. You need the following items:

A small piece of red cloth (flannel is best)


Several large pieces of rock salt

A small piece of real silver (coin, ring, bead)

Sew the cloth into a little bag, and fill with the other items. Sew the bag shut, and keep it with you when you travel. That's it.

  • Threshold Protection Spell

This is a simple spell to help keep negative energy and/or spirits from getting into your house. All you need is:

3 cloves of garlic

A handful of coarse sea salt

A handful of rosemary

Stir everything together in a bowl, and leave on a windowsill during the night of a full moon. Hopefully it will be a clear night so the moonlight can touch your spell materials.

Then take the bowl outside, and spread the salt and herbs around the outside of your front door and any other doors in the house. The main door that you use should get the most of the mixture. For added protection, sprinkle a little on the window sills too.

If you live in an apartment, this spell can still be performed but the garlic smell will be noticeable if you sprinkle too much on your door to the hallway.


Cleansing and Healing

  • Easy Candle Healing Spell

Healing spells will aid those who are sick to recover faster.

You will need: 3 Blue candles, utensils to inscribe candles

Form a triangle with the three candles, a bit apart from one another. Inscribe the name of the person you plan to heal on the candles. Light the candles and concentrate on peace, health, and positive energy. Recite the following incantation while looking at the candle flame:

Healing light, shining bright,
Let this sickness flee in fright!
With harm to none including me,
I cast this spell, so mote it be.

Repeat this incantation three times. Once you've finished, let the candles burn out while you meditate. Visualize seeing the person as healthy, happy, and whole.

  • Cleansing Ritual

Ever find yourself feeling under stress, like everything is being blocked by negative energies? How about continues badluck or being out of balance in life? This might help clear your way against this negative energy around you.

You will need:

One of every item that represents the four elements

Air: Sage incense

Fire: silver or grey candle

Earth: Sea salt

Water: Chalice filled with water

Draw your circle, then light the incense and the candle.

Meditate for a few minutes while the sage fills the room. Each time you breathe out, relax a little more. The more relaxed you are, the better your energies flow, and the easier it is to release any unwanted negativity.

When you feel calm and ready you may begin.

Step 1: Element cleanse Hold your hands over the incense and say,“with air I cleanse myself.

Let the smoke twirl around your fingers for a few moments. Feel the cleansing properties of sage immerse you.

Then hold your hands above the candle (at a safe distance) and say, “with fire I cleanse myself.” Visualise the flame burning away anything unwanted within you.

Now take the sea salt and crumble it between your fingers, gently rubbing it on your hands, and say, “with earth I cleanse myself.

Then dip your hands in the water, again gently rubbing your hands, and say “with water I cleanse myself.

Sit in silence for a moment while you let the elements do their work.

Step 2: Releasing negativity

The most effective way of releasing negative entities and energies (unless they are unusually powerful) is to firmly ask them to leave.

Go inside yourself, become completely aware of your body, and say the following:

“Any energy that no longer serves me, please leave now.

Thank you for your presence. Now I am sending you home.”

Say it with conviction, like a firm but loving parent. Keep repeating it, and pay attention to any feelings in your body. As you say these words, negativity will shed from you like the skin off a snake. If you’re sensitive you may be able to feel a pulling sensation or a feeling of suddenly becoming lighter.

Repeat until you feel intuitively done (this can be 10 times or 50 times, anything that feels right for you.)

Step 3: Filling with light

This step is vital: after releasing the negative energies you will have holes in your aura which must be filled with light. Otherwise other negative energy will easily latch on to you and you’ll have to start the process again.

Visualise your crown (the top of your head) opening up, like a funnel going from the heavens into your body. Visualise pulling down divine light that will fill every gap in your aura as you repeat the words:

“I ask that my energy body is filled with pure healing light.”

Repeat a few times, then thank the spirits and elements, and close your circle. During the rest of the day/evening, whenever it comes to mind, visualise your open crown and the light flowing into you.


Rain Spell

  • Simple Rain spell

Tired of the scorching hot rays of the sun? Try this rain spell.

Do this outsides staring at clouds above and chant:

Ancient Gods and Goddesses,
I invoke thee.
Waters from the sky,
Let it be.

I command thee now,
to thee all.
Listen to my desire,
Rain fall!

This spell has power over the weather and works when it is needed. It makes it rain, of course!

  • Rain Spell

Simply Take a bowl full of water and if you have 2 people sit across from each other... if it is just you then just put it in front of you. Make sure you make your circle then over the bowl of water Chant:

Water Nymphs strike the clouds so rain will fall freely to the ground.

While doing that, visualize clouds bursting open and water falling down over the area you wish for rain. This really works.

  • Spell to stop the Rain


Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth,

Please make it stop raining under this hearth

Water, stop dropping your drops,

Wind, stop blowing your blow,

And please do this now as I have said so

Now imagine the rain stopping and the sun coming out.

  • Spell to stop the Rain ( other version )

Say how much times you feel necessary:

Gods and goddesses of the rain please hear me stop the rain. This rain is not wanted it never should have started so end it now for thee to see how. Gods and goddesses of the rain please hear me please stop the rain.

This spell really works. and you can put one hand out while you say this spell it can help a little.

Light some incense to clear our minds and spirit.