About the Project

This website will contain information regarding the Wiccan religion. It has a brief background of Wiccan History and Origins, the lifestyle of a wiccan witch, their spells and celebrations in their books, and a few contacts for local stores and people that practices the religion and are looking for a group or coven.

About the Author

Raine Linsangan

"A little bit of courage is the real magick"

The founder and creator of this website is Raine Linsangan, a Multimedia Arts student from De La Salle – College of saint Benilde. She had first took interest in Wicca when she was 13 years old. Her older sister was the one who introduced it to her. Of course, around that age, the Love spells are the most famous topic that she liked to research about. Eventually, as she grew older, she dived deeper into the Wiccan religion and has since been following some of the practices and celebration.


I'm providing some of the links that helped and inspired me to build this website. May it continue to guide you to the right path of Wiccan magick.

Religious Tolerance
Wiccan Spells
Pagan's Path
Wicca Spirituality
Sacred Wicca

Books and Shops

I'm also recommending these books to help you gain some insights and additional information about Wicca. It will be a great addition to your collection of books or if you're starting a small library at home.

There are also available local online shops(Philippines) where you can buy your tools and other items for your Wiccan practices. 

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